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Securing Automation

Scribe: Greg Elin


What concerns are people having with doing security in their devops? * like what are you doing with securities, * uploading keys to git hub by accident, * who has it working- Is i hardening information available for apps above application * Is security interestroducing extra cost.

How do you protec the CI pipeline itself?


  • Use Tripwire to capture what files have been changed, automatically get list of changed files, send changed files to Dev to validate that the deployment responsible for those changes
  • Walmart Security Champions (How Information Security Provided Booster Rockets for Walmart Labs Agile Transformation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak66A_iHHqw&index=2&list=PLLeSO3RXTSFOcBWgfczZAZPDi6AAD1rfz)
  • Separation of concerns by using specialized different Docker containers for security-related functions (e.g., logging). Interesting how Docker became a medium of collaboration across different silos as different roles created containers to support their functions. Security owning proxy and communication point between containers, servers. (via session at Container Days Boston)


  • OWASP Dependency Check (Jenkins Plugin)
  • Summon
  • OpenSCAP
  • GovReady
  • SonaType
  • Conjure -


  • DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit - http://bit.ly/DevOpsAudit

Article - http://www.darknet.org.uk/2015/06/agile-security-how-does-it-fit-into-a-world-of-continuous-delivery/

Participant List

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  • Greg Elin ([email protected])

  • M. Kyle Mueller (@_kylemueller mkylemueller+gmail.com)
  • Dustin Collins (@dustinmm80, [email protected])

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