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Why Not Salt

Facilitator: Drew Malone

Scribe: Jonathan Davila

Why isn't salt being considered?

Salt is still the new kid on the block Puppet was already in the organization

Several weeks to learning curve Salt was attractive b/c python Attractive due to OS environment Easier to learn than puppet Storm, Jboss, mysql automation Bash scripts for hardening all Salt now * Thinking in python vs ruby an issue? Bconfig is a player older than puppet

Transitioning is tough

No salt because of persistent connection

Salt SSH/Rate/ZeroMQ transports

Agentless involves placing scripts into tmp and executing from them

Salt Cloud, how is it? Good for Openstack Vmware in the works *Preventing vendor lockin

VMWARE contribution leverage pyvomi * Favorite is ad hoc commmands Remote execution platform Grains/Pillars

Thriving community *Easy to contribute

Master and Minion (slave) architecture, can push or pull *Can scale to thousands of minions * WIth salt there are embedded commands to do almost anything One compelling argument is scalability Similar to chef/puppet due to agents

Doing things immediately Can do things in order

Jinja files with ordering has a workflow impact

For secrets use pillar or pgp Master keeps key in a root access directory Unsure about password protected PGP keys in the master

How does a rolling deployment look like? Map files for salt cloud where you create a profile for OS, and you tell saltcloud to execute Maps are not equivalent to Grains

Put everything in a pillar to dynamically update

Reactor System Fire a reactor event to update LB configuration When an event comes on the bus with a tag do something If this then that for the datacenter Beacons and Engines Beacons interact with reality Engines provides full freedom of python Cant write hooks from git server to hit API No sense of tracking of % complete

Repo called saltstates Branch based development Larger environments should probably leverage Pull Requests *

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