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You can't Automated That

Facilitator: David Goade

Scribe:Joanne Garlow

Test automation is the most important part but it can be hard

Web pages testing for example Rainforest is a good option - allows humans to test for you but you pay per test and it's pretty cheap Pixel based tools ? No one came forward saying they used it Javascript automated tests can be helpful Testing video and audio testing

Useability testing

*Drunk testing! http://theuserisdrunk.com/

Challenges of starting to write backend testing 3rd party OTS software that wasn't designed for automation (no headless installs) *Oracle was an example but people have set up automated installations with Oracle

*Be careful of automating (and making it too easy) to create nodes where you pay for each node

Everyone wants to automate documentation but it is almost impossible Worst than no documentation is out of date documentation Keep the documentation as close to the code as possible Git's per directory documentation readme including the automation code behavior driven tests can be almost documentation for the application when it is more end user focused

Penetration tests You almost need humans to do surprising things to test this Automated tests can confirm that known issues remain fixed *Firms that can be hired too (recommended to hire a red team at some point)

Automated the easy things and knock them out first, free up yourself for the hard problems

Databases Redgate - database as code Oracle - learn to configure it, control it, Contious delivery for database - tests and schema as code Try using DBDeply - an open source project - all chages as a delta script *Developers can be too far away from how the database really works and write bad code because of it

How to keep your test systems fresh and consistent as live Copying from live Copying subsets from live *Copying only schema from live

Automation shouldn't be your day job - you should be focused more on the hard stuff

Load testing Best if your server farm has no special configurations But sometimes testing on live is the only feasible option when replicating the live configuration *Delfix was suggested

Creating and maintaining automation scripts shouldn't be your day job

Use your really smart developers to do rote tasks - decreases moral and they tend to be really bad at it because they are bored

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