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Scribe:Steve Bannon

generally hire all of the same culture but not have a strategy

how do you know that empathy techniques are working?

even empathy within each silo, not also group to group.

compassionate/non-violent communication

  • when [ ] observable fact
  • i feel [ ] personal feeling
  • because +/- [ ] value need something
  • so can/you [ ] concrete and specific

could the tone turn this from passive to aggressive?

validating the feelings of the other person can calm the situation.

need to take the opportunity to calmly talk with the other groups.

blameless post-mortems

frameworks that separate fact from feeling work the best

measuring empathy-

health check on different areas

  • how was our pace this sprint?
  • quality of code?
  • how do we feel about the companies direction?
  • collaboration?
  • Support?

  • google form dumped to a spreadsheet?

  • same questions every week?

generally done before scrum meetings

how to bring something up something like this * “I’m hearing some grin ping around and I’m not sure what’s going on” * hey I heard this at a great conference.

Good follow-up reading: http://www.amazon.com/Nonviolent-Communication-A-Language-Life/dp/1892005034

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