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Stress and Burnout

Facilitator: John Willis

Scribe: Alfonso Cabrera

John Willis wrote article on IT Revolution regarding person in industry who committed suicide and burnout. People think they have to work so hard and be bulletproof which stems from culture in Silicon Valley. People need to openly talk about their stress and burnout and not keep it to themselves.

stress & burnout: How can we get in front of the problem?

3 key indicators:

Fatigue - working too many hours, odd hours Cyncism - General tone and attitude How well you think you are doing your job - Breaches/failures impact this

Shocked to see burnout in DevOps because of empathy involved and "everything is awesome" perception but burnout is rising in DevOps.

Key elements to attack burnout:

proper diagnosis community survey tracking improvement

4 years spent on call as sole admin - can lead to hero complex which management can also exploit. Need to push back. If you feel you're at the boiling point you need to step away. We are all in demand and can look for new jobs.

"When you can't change your job, change your job."

People can receive backlash due to perception of privilege and that we have money.

Hero thing is a problem - feel need to work long hours and keep reading work related articles even at home. Can get drowned in the industry. People can overwork themselves trying to keep up with the "unicorns"

Book/video recommendations:

Innovation of Loneliness Living with a black dog - World Health Organization Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy @botchgalupe will tweet more resources.

Showing empathy when you think a colleague is at risk can help to enable them to feel comfortable talking about it.

Can get certified for suicide prevention and volunteer with suicide hotline.

A lot of stigma in seeking therapy if you have security clearance. Nothing bad happens if you seek help. Don't use that as an excuse.

Spend time alone daily to recharge and don't focus on any work.

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