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3 Ways to get Capacity Utilization Wrong

Jason Simpson (Netuitive) (@jfsimpson1)

Right-sizing your environment is one of the most stressful decisions to make when moving to the cloud. If you under-provision resources, systems are at risk of going down and you lose money. If you over-provision, you’re wasting money that could be used elsewhere. In this presentation, we’ll share with you 3 ways we’ve learned how to get capacity utilization wrong and how we eventually got it right.

  1. CPU measurement alone won’t give you the full view of your infrastructure utilization
  2. You can’t measure the utilization for a metric if you don’t know how high it can go
  3. If you only rely on request count and don’t include queue length, you will miss an early warning


Audio-only version is available in the DevOpsDays Podcast or as a direct download.


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