Zalando is a public company with more than 85 development teams. Unlike some other public companies, deployments are not a bottleneck here. This talk will show how one public company applies microservice architecture in an audit compliant way with the help of open source tools. No magic, no propriety software involved here. Tools we use work on top of AWS.

Even if you do not use any of the open-source tools developed by our technology team, one can still benefit from ideas on how deployments and infrastructures can be managed in an audit compliant way.

I will show briefly:

  • How we leverage immutability instead of standard Docker Registry (Pier One)
  • How we dropped mail chains for deployment approvals which no one ever reads (Kio)
  • What parts of infrastructure we decentralised and centralised (Taupage, ZMON)
  • How we allow developers access to even production environments (Even&Odd)
  • How we change credentials among applications (mint&berry)

Speaker: Şenol Çağdaş

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