Frequent releases to our applications are an important part of keeping them healthy. With modern tools, it’s easy to frequently and automatically generate the application release artifacts. However, this process requires a little more thought when it comes to relational database schema changes. If you’ve ever tried to regularly deploy changes to a SQL Database, you know exactly what I mean. Thankfully, there is some guidance to help us along the way. Let me introduce you to Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) – a set of patterns and practices for getting your database changes from your development machine to production while leaving the pain behind. During this talk, I’ll run through the core concepts of DLM, with samples and demos to show you how it’s possible to make your database schema deployments just another part of your continuous delivery setup. By the end of this talk, you will have a clear understanding of the challenges of database continuous delivery, the advantages of embracing DLM, and how to adapt your existing processes to start painlessly delivering your databases right away.

Speaker: Alain Hélaïli

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