In the DevOps World, testing and the QA role is extremely important. Continuous testing and test automation is simply a must. In this presentaion I’d like to talk about how we implemented automated test levels in various projects in Turkey. My talk will focus on Continuous Delivery Pipeline and cover these areas;

  • How to establish a testing culture in the team
  • Owning quality as a team
  • How to build automated checks before the production code (ATDD)
  • What levels of automation we put in (unit, CDC, journey, acceptance, regression, sit, XFR)
  • Checking the cross functional along with the functional automatically (performance, security)
  • How to scale your automation (dynamic provisioning, parallelisation)

This talk would be interesting for the audience because this approach is not practiced very commonly in Turkey. People would like to hear about a complete set of testing levels. It would help draw attention to the technical side of testing and help establish a true DevOps culture in software teams.

Speaker: Alper Mermer

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