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Waterboy - our robot coworker


Waterboy is our Hubot instance that provides helpful information for both operations and developers. Our organization is somewhat atypical -- we are an external infrastructure consulting practice embedded into a development organization. This talk will cover:

  • How we introduced a chatbot into the organization
  • How we manage the robot and encourage people to contribute
  • How we figure out what goes into the robot
  • How we use ChatOps to facilitate communication between ourselves, and between us and the client.

People attending this talk will get a different perspective on the use of chat in a collaborative environment. It's not just shortcuts to memes, nor is it "hubot please go deploy the site and make me coffee". Chat can be a CLI to your organization. One that empowers employees and helps spread knowledge.


Sean Walberg, @seanwalberg

I'm a problem solver. A software developer that loves applying software principles to infrastructure automation and web applications.

I wanted to program most of my life, realized I didn't like it during my first job, spent 13 years as a network guy that wrote a lot of code, joined an awesome web startup as a web developer, and have rediscovered my joy for software development. After that ended, I moved into a more devops type role where I can have my feet in both camps. I'm currently with a consulting company that's responsible for the infrastructure and applications at a large American sporting league.

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