There are three ways to propose a session:

  1. A proposal for a talk/panel during the conference part : there are 45 minutes slots that will have all people's full attention as everybody will be in that one room.
  2. An Ignite talk that will be presented during the Ignite sessions: these are 5 minutes slots with slides changing every 15 seconds (20 slides total) also presented to all attendees in one room
  3. Openspace session : even without a prepared presentation we welcome the discussion and interaction by having people propose a session on the fly during the openspace opening. Check the openspace format for more information

Interested? Read on more detailed information on proposing a session

This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

**Note: these are only the proposals** .

Conference Talks

  1. Unleashing the elephant within - Harold Giménez
  2. The Epoch of Devops - 2011 - Daniel Kushner
  3. Sh#% Happens - Avoiding the Conflict Between Configuration Management and Command and Control - Alex Honor
  4. Service Orient Architecture - How to make your organization support agile delivery teams. - Robin Slomkowski
  5. Scaling local development with devops - Mitchell Hashimoto
  6. Kiss and make up. How to help developers and sysadmins learn to love each other again. - Tom Sulston
  7. How Puppet fits in to your existing infrastructure - Garrett Honeycutt
  8. Getting to one button deploy using Kanban - Dominica DeGrandis
  9. Enable devops success - Kit Plummer
  10. Devops in the Government - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Peter Walsh
  11. DevOps Culture Hacks - Infecting your Boss & your Business with awesome - Jesse Robins
  12. DevOps 101 - A beginner’s manual - Jim Ensell
  13. Deployment nirvana - what is it and how do I get there? - Vincent Partington
  14. Deployment is the new build - Andrew Philips
  15. Deploying Yourself Into Happiness - Vladimir Vuksan
  16. Continuous Deployment - Rolf Andrew Russell
  17. Cassandra and Puppet - Scaling data on 15USD per month - Dave Connors
  18. Breaking Down the Wall Between Development and Operations - Ash Owen

Ignite Talks

  1. monitoring anti-patterns - Alexis Lê-Quôc
  2. Workplace Presentations 101 for IT Professionals - Adam Moskowitz
  3. The Micro-Lifespan - Peter Walsh
  4. Red Dots Are Bad - Visual Alerting - Dan Rowe
  5. Is DevOps About to Jump the Shark? - Damon Edwards
  6. Evolution of Agile Ops - Dave Connors
  7. Beyond Virtual Machines - Peter Walsh