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The day before the conference (October 4th) at 16:00 there will be a pre-conference gathering at the IBM Rome Software Lab.


Historically focused on Tivoli products, the Rome Software Lab is now involved with several parts of IBM Software portfolio. Its staff is involved with all phases of a product lifecycle, including consultancy and pre & post sales support capabilities.

The story

This Lab was established in Rome in 1978 and is now one of the IBM main worldwide software development labs. During this long time the Lab has gone through several transformations to stay competitive in an evolving world. Over the last few years the Lab adopted the agile development approach, shortening considerably the development cycle while increasing the "customer intimacy" during the development cycle. The Lab is now looking at DevOps as the logical next step.


This gathering will be a chance for the Devopsdays community to meet the software engineers that build, deliver and support some of the IBM software products,. The theme of the afternoon will be about sharing our experience about the journey through agile development towards DevOps, what we did and what we learned, in an informal gathering of professionals who share the same passion: delivering quality software that supports business agility.


If you are interested to participate please register for the event by buying a free ticket

For organizational reasons this option is available till September 27.


IBM Software Group - Tivoli Via Sciangai, 53 - 00144 Rome (Italy)

Transportation instructions will be provided

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