Italy - Rome 2012 - welcome

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Rome, It's all about Culture

The date is set, mark 5 and 6 october 2012 in your calendar.
Devopsdays Europe will this time take place in Rome !

If you arrive early or just can't get enough, you can already attend the pre-conference gathering at IBM Lab.

This event will be livestreamed :

We are happy to announce the schedule ! Once again the content for Rome looks promising,

Thanks to the brave souls to blog/tweet to get a guaranteed ticket:

@paulherbosch was the first one to send in his devopsdays experience blogpost, he will be getting a priority boarding pass for the #devopsdays Rome registration ! Don't be shy, there are more priority boarding passes awaiting you Brice Figureau aka Masterzen also send in his story about how he got Involved in devops

Other people that wanted to be sure of their ticket: Alexander Fortin talks about devops at Spreaker, and Trend Hornibrook writes on How REA started doing 'devops'


Rome DevOps Days' Logo and WallPapers were painted by Tatlin.

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