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Beyond Continuous Delivery


A wide array of emerging technologies and processes has led to continuous delivery as the current summit of software development processes, but what lies ahead? Grounded in my own background and current work with continuous delivery, I will explore a number of ongoing concepts and new ideas that are evolving out of old and new techs and how they could change how agile development and release works in the next couple of decades.

These are some of the concepts I will be exploring: - Dependency management and modular development - Infrastructure as code- adding infrastructure to your pipeline - Semi-fluid dependencies- getting the best of static and fluid dependencies - Cloneable pipelines- make copies of your pipeline - Pre-flight pipelines- catch red pipelines with cloned pipelines - Evergreen trunks- keep your pipeline always green with a clone army - Quantum pipelines- a rapid feedback technique for evergreen trunks - Downstream pipelines- test against your consumers - Swarm builds- centralizing incremental development - Extreme integration- rapid feedback about interactions with trunk - Cloud IDE- moving pipeline development to the cloud - Social development- development for everyone

Speaker: Christ Hilton

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