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PowerShell - the windows confiuguration rockstar


Unix environments have fantastic tools like puppet, chef, vagrant and many others in order to irridicate the need for manual server configuaration environments. Windows was left behind when these fantastic tools were being developed. PowerShell is now emerging as the tool for Windows administrators and the tool to unite developers and operations staff in managing environments and deployments. Can PowerShell help to bring the devops culture to the Windows development world?

In this session, I will demonstrate how PowerShell has become a tool necessary to know when working on a windows environment. The talk will demonstrate how to configure a Windows server with only an operating system on it. The session will also demonstrate how development environments can be built in a fraction of the time using some open source tools and PowerShell. No need to maintain desktop images any more, PowerShell is fast becoming a rockstar of the Windows configuration world.

Speaker: Paul Stack

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