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Building an infrastructure to support continuous delivery


Build tools such as Maven, Ant and Gradle are now commonplace. This is an important step towards optimization of software development and delivery processes, so this talk will of course include a description of the code's journey from the developer's machine to the running system, and all the steps taken and tools encountered along the way. However, this is only half the story: besides the transformations the code undergoes throughout the software engineering process, the infrastructure must also go through something similar. While the code journey has become quite transparent, there is still a lot of silence on the subject of infrastructure. When it comes to target environment setup, there is often no versioning, no revision to a fallback state, no tests and no documentation on how the target environment can reach the state in which the main piece of delivery, namely the software, can be successfully deployed and used.

Along with software engineering processes, this talk describes the advantages, risks and possibilities of an automated infrastructure setup. It offers options on how versioning and testing of an automated infrastructure setup may be realized and integrated in the software engineering process. And of course, topics such as build tools, bug tracking, authentication, artifact repositories, continuous integration and continuous deployment are addressed.

Speaker: Sara Haselbauer

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