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Take the pain out of supporting multiple distros with test-kitchen


The problem: you have written or maintain a popular Chef cookbook or Puppet Manifest that supports Debian 5, Ubuntu 10.04, Centos 5, and OpenBSD. On a weekly or daily basis you get awesome pull requests. How can you incorporate those pull requests without spending a lot of time doing manual testing or accidentally breaking existing functionality on one or more platforms?

Enter test-kitchen test-kitchen (, a new framework for quickly running integration tests in an isolated environment. Test-kitchen allows you to (relatively) quickly run various integration tests on Chef cookbooks across multiple operating systems. While test-kitchen is currently Chef-specific, the ideas and likely the code could be abstracted to support multiple configuration management systems.

This talk cover: * Test-kitchen's support for pre-convergence tests with foodcritic (lint) and rspec and post-convergence tests with cucumber and minitest * managing testing dependencies w/ librarian (and possibly berkshelf) * brief introduction to the DSL for describing tests * supporting baseboxes made w/ veewee and bento * the future, Travis-CI integration? pull request integration?

Speaker: Bryan Berry

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