Mountain View 2012 - proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. WinDevops: Devops tooling and automation in Windows environments - Vincent Partington
  2. What can DevOps learn from Formula 1? - Stephen Burton
  3. The Audubon Society for Partial Failures - Cliff Moon
  4. Stop flying blind! (i.e. Why monitoring is no longer an option.) - Joseph Ruscio
  5. Securing Cloud Servers: Requirements for a New Toolbox - Tatiana Slater
  6. Riemann: a low-latency event monitoring system. - Kyle Kingsbury
  7. Real Life DevOps and Security - David Mortman
  8. Production Monitoring With Selenium - Noah Sussman
  9. Panel - Work Scheduling in Agile Operations - Ben Rockwood
  10. Panel - Devops and PaaS: alliance or collision course? - Andrew Phillips
  11. PaaS Patterns for DevOps at Netflix - Adrian Cockcroft
  12. Misadventures in DevOps Finding My Way In IT - Christopher Webber
  13. Managing Complex Systems With Complex Systems - John Willis
  14. Look Ma, No Hands! - Evelyn Tam
  15. Infrastructure Firehoses - John Vincent
  16. Improving Developer and Operations Productivity through Self Service @ Mozilla - Brandon Burton
  17. ITIL and DevOps: Key Ingredients for Next Generation IT? - Jayne Groll
  18. How a BigCo actually got some innovation done - Michael Coté
  19. How IBM is using DevOps to build DevOps tools - Ann Marie Fred
  20. How Ancestry Does DevOps and Enabled Continuous Delivery - John Esser
  21. House, Ops Engineer - Cliff Moon
  22. Get your DevOps in Line as the only SysAdmin in a Pool of Devs - Michael A. Fiedler
  23. Devops in controlled environments: how tooling can support separation of concerns in unified teams - Andrew Phillips
  24. DevOps at the Final Frontier (In space, no one can hear you scream.) - John Tangney
  25. DevOps and Windows: Is That Even Possible? - Dan Gilmer
  26. Deploying Software to the Cloud - Bev Carleton
  27. Cultural Change and DevOps - Clifford Morehead
  28. Continuous Improvement - Noah Sussman
  29. Cloud is YUMmy (and APTty)! - Baruch Sadogursky
  30. Building a fire in the belly of a whale - blowing up the culture at large companies - Ellen Walsh
  31. Automating Application Configuration - Dan Nemec

Ignite Talks

  1. Towards a Programmable Infrastructure - Steve Smoot
  2. Putting Rugged into your DevOps toolchain - James Wickett
  3. Monitor All the Things - Jos Boumans
  4. Kickstarting a kickstarter - Tim Lossen
  5. EverybodyOps - Stefan Zier
  6. Don't pay for a dumb broker. - Patricio Arvizu

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