Mountain View 2012 - sponsor

Gold sponsors

We greatly value sponsors for this open event.

If you are interested in sponsoring drop us an email.

For this event we provide the following options:

Silver (2000 USD)
Gold (3000 USD)
Logo on website  
Logo on all email communications  
Opportunity to do a short pitch to the full audience  
Ability to demo product (5min max) during Openspace Demo Session  
Exhibit Booth Space (simple table, no full blown commercial booth:)  
Additional free conference pass for person manning the booth  
Sponsor presence and Booth Space (simple table, no full blown commercial booth:) at the social evening event(*)  
  • Devopsdays Mountain View sold out 250 tickets in 6 hours, so the interest is high. On Thursday evening there will be a social evening event. This event will be open to a wider public than just the devopsdays attendees. As a Gold sponsor you can get presence there as well to promote your company and interact with attendeeds in a more casual environment. The social event this year will be held at the Silicon Valley Cloud Center. 222 Caspian Drive, Sunnyvale, CA.

DevOpsDays is a self-organizing conference for DevOps practitioners that depends on your sponsorships to happen. However, because of the nature of the event, we do not have vendor booths or book product pitches. Gold sponsors do get a table they can hang out at and put materials on for interested people to come visit during breaks, and of course all attendees are welcome to propose any subject they want during the openspaces, but this is not 'that kind of conference' and heavy marketing will probably work against you when trying to make a good impression on the attendees. The best thing to do is send engineers to interact with the experts at DevOpsDays on their own terms.

Silver sponsors