Berlin 2013 - proposals

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This page list the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. Why should I know about ITIL ?? - Raj Dudi
  2. What's really to blame? - A day in the life of your PHP app - Jan Burkl
  3. Two Point Oh My! Release engineering for everyone. - Wes Mason
  4. Testing as a Service - How we used OpenStack to automate our entire dev and testing environment - Uri Cohen
  5. StartOps: Growing an ops team from 1 founder - David Mytton
  6. Shipping DevOps - Daniel Spilker
  7. Podularity FTW! - Tim Lossen
  8. Our DevOps story: Chef + Rails for customer cloud control - Steven De Coeyer and Joren De Groof
  9. Ops Around the World - David Mytton
  10. Node.js meets Jenkins, Gradle and Chef! - Evgeny Goldin
  11. Make it SOLID - Software Architecture for System Administrators - Ole Michaelis / Soenke Ruempler
  12. Island Life: How we built and deployed the Honshū way - Wes Mason
  13. Implementing DevOps… and Making it Actually Stick - Alex Papadimoulis
  14. How to form a DevOps team? - Alexander Schwartz
  15. How the QA team got Prezi ready for DevOps - Peter Neumark
  16. Help, we have no more time for testing! - Alexander Schwartz
  17. DevTools team at Etsy - Daniel Schauenberg
  18. DevOps with JEE - Romain Pelisse
  19. DevOps 3.0 - Where we are now and what we found out on the way - Marcel Wolf, Felix Sperling
  20. Deployment scripts with Fabric. From the naive to the non-so naive approach - Jose A. Martin
  21. Continuous Delivery with Jenkins and Cloudify (FastConnect) - Nati Shalom
  22. Building your own OpsWorks with Chef and Cloudify - Uri Cohen
  23. Building cross region and cross cloud high availability into your app - Nati Shalom
  24. Automated deployments with robots - Ole Michaelis
  25. Anatomy of an Effective Alert for DevOps - Berkay Mollamustafaoglu
  26. Advanced Puppet configuration management - "code your config" - Martin Alfke
  27. Administer the devops pill across the enterprise - Sriram Narayan
  28. A grails puppet eco-system in 5 countries - Christoph Beckmann

Ignite Talks

  1. We love alerts at 2am - Gabor Veszi
  2. Teaming DevOps - Mario Martelli
  3. Operations as a Service - handling traditional enterprise projects - Christian Theune
  4. Hiring for skill and culture - qualities beyond Dev and Ops - Florian Thiel
  5. Enterprise DevOps Applied: Transforming a supertanker into a speedboat - Michael Hüttermann
  6. [email protected] - Leon Rosenberg
  7. ChatOps in Practice: Integrating PagerDuty with Hubot - Jesse Newland
  8. Applied Devops - Matthew Jones
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