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Operations as a Service - handling traditional enterprise projects


The "cloud" has opened the traditional "big enterprise" environments for outsourcing parts of their IT that has been kept in-house for a long time. Large companies and public institutions are looking for ways to save money, receive higher quality services, and become more flexible.

At gocept we provide an "operations as a service" hosting environment that picks up infrastructure development and application operations tasks for traditional enterprise-style projects: intranet, extranet and integration applications, corporate web sites, and such.

Over the last years we have served large enterprise and public institutions by applying and researching DevOps-style processes, FLOSS technology, and computer science to achieve those goals.

Our personal goals include keeping a small, agile team, as well as integrating with external project developers and the customer.

We will look at both the day-to-day and the less frequent challenges we meet:

  • communication
  • keeping customer applications up-to-date on a moving platform
  • educating
  • bridging the gap of operational responsibilities in a multi-party project
  • negotiating trade-offs
  • communication
  • in-house production depth
  • managing deployments
  • interfacing with corporate legal and financial requirements
  • helping customers consume the operational flexibility they ask for
  • communication
  • infrastructure and platform development
  • FLOSS community interactions
  • growing with no silver bullet
  • trusting our instincts

Our talk will substantiate our experiences based on reliable anecdotal evidence from real, ongoing customer projects.


Christian Theune, Christian Kauhaus

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