Downunder 2013 - sponsor

Gold sponsors

We greatly value sponsors for this open event. If you are interested in sponsoring drop us an email.

Below is summary of our sponsorship pack.

Logo on website   
Provide advertising material at the conference   
You can place one banner around the connference   
1 free sponsor ticket   
Your company is mentionded randomly during the event   
You can place an additional banner around the connference   
Your company is mentionded on the first day opening   
Your company is mentioned in press releases   
Additional free sponsor ticket   
You can place an additional banner around the connference   
Your company is mentionded on the second day opening   
Your company name is used for access to the tab on the networking evening   
Sponsor table in the open space   
Additional free sponsor ticket   

Speaker Sponsorship Package

  • Your company pays for the flight of an international speaker
  • Your company logo will be posted on the DevOps Down Under website
  • Your company will be mentioned during the introduction of that speaker
  • You are permitted to provide your own advertising material + banners

  • DevOps Down Under is a self-organizing conference for DevOps practitioners that depends on your sponsorships to happen. However, because of the nature of the event, we do not have vendor booths or book product pitches. Attendees, including sponsors, will have the opportunity to host a 5 minute product demo as part of an open space session during the program.

    Gold sponsors do get a table they can hang out at and put materials on for interested people to come visit during breaks, and of course all attendees are welcome to propose any subject they want during the openspaces, but this is not 'that kind of conference' and heavy marketing will probably work against you when trying to make a good impression on the attendees. The best thing to do is send engineers to interact with the experts at DevOps Down Under on their own terms.

    Anchor Puppetlabs

    Silver sponsors

    Atlassian Seek  

    Bronze sponsors

    ThoughtWorks Octopus Deploy Amazon Web Services