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DevOps - Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way: A CISO Perspective


There comes a time in every good security leader’s career where he can no longer

say “NO” (although he always reserves the right to) and must step up to a challenge

with a solution. The time is now, the time is here, time to embrace DevOps.

Join me as I walk through the transition to DevOps from the perspective of a

Chief Information Security Officer in a heavily regulated industry. I will share the

success and failures from 3 significant DevOps experiences, however I will focus

on my most recent experience over the last 15 months with adopting DevOps in a

heavily regulated Financial Services Firm. If you can make it a reality in this type of

environment/industry you can make it happen anywhere.

We can start my story with the crying; screaming, and paranoia (and that was just

me trying to figure out how to spell DevOps) and finish with some success stories

and lessons learned that you could bring back to your CISOs to help them make the


In addition to the traditional lessons learned, I will focus on the following areas:

  • Change your thinking change your future

  • Build it and they will come

  • If you do this right, Security can be your biggest friend – if not this will fail

  • Putting the NO in TechNOlogy – why communication is key

  • Getting Security, Audit and Risk Managers onboard

  • What needs to change - Security

  • What needs to change - DevOps

You will walk away from this with the knowledge; skills and shortcuts to get even

the largest security naysayer to change their mind and support rather than derail

your DevOps program.


Tim Virtue

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