New York (October) 2013 - proposals

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The call for proposals is closed.

Feel free to comment on the proposals currently under consideration

Selections for 30-min presentations have been announced. Ignite talks will be announced shortly. Our main selection criteria are:

  • original content: content not yet presented at other conferences, or a new angle to an existing problem
  • new presenters: people who are new to the space and have insightful stuff to tell, we want to hear everbody's voice. If you've presented a 30-minute talk at any Devopsdays in the last 2 years, we encourage you to submit an ignite talk or conduct an openspace session. In addition, please encourage other speakers to submit proposals!
  • no vendor pitches: as much as we value vendors and sponsors, we just don't think this is the right forum. There is a demo openspace slot where you have 5 minutes to show products.

Note: proposals were anonymized prior to evaluation.

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