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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DevOps


I was a college-student BOFH, an ISP sysadmin, and an academic IT manager. If I wanted a curmudgeonly sysadmin, I could just look in a mirror. Most developers were unlikely to be granted root on any systems whatsoever, and servers were carefully hand-whittled works of art.

Moving into a DevOps environment was both a culture shock and a great learning experience. I'll discuss what worked for me (and what was challenging!) in terms of my transition to a DevOps practice.

This is a talk for teams who want to assimilate traditional sysadmins into their DevOps of Borg. It's also a talk for sysadmins who want to move into DevOps without giving up their strong opinions on security, monitoring, and yes, text editors. (Here to tell you that it's possible!)


Bridget Kromhout

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