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Scaling up a Devops Culture


Description: This will present case studies of a few different ways of doing devops at startups in various stages of growth. I will look at differences in team and organizational structures, methods of inter- and intra-team communication, and culture. I'd like to start with some tales of failure from the trenches and move into practical solutions that organizations of various sizes can implement, from bite-size chunks to bigger cultural overhauls, ending with a look at the wins we've had in a successful culture even while experiencing rapid growth.

Bullet points: - Starting points for if your startup is still too small to even consider a full (dev)ops team, and how to avoid going crazy when you're the one wearing all the hats - Remedial actions you can take to change culture if you find yourself in an organization that's taken some less than ideal turns as it's grown up - How we've been doing things right, and how we have been (and plan to continue) scaling that up without losing the successful cuture we've been growing


Katherine Daniels

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