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Produit ou Projet ?

This talk will be given in English


Disclaimer: If you successfully perform your projects, this session is not for you.

In an I.T. Department projects fail (well not all of them).

On the internet, products are successful (except those who fail).

We will try to understand the major differences between a project and a product. And see how IT projects can learn from the process of making a product.

We look at the of Lean methodologies, Product Management and Lean Startup.


Disclaimer : Si vous réussissez vos projets, cette session n'est pas pour vous.

Dans une DSI, les projets échouent (enfin pas tous).

Sur internet, les produits réussissent (sauf ceux qui meurent).

Tentons de comprendre les différences majeures entre projet et produit. Et voyons comment les projets informatique peuvent apprendre de la démarche produit.

Nous regardons du côté des méthodologies Lean, Product Management et Lean Startup.


Rémy-Christophe Schermesser, Octo Technology

Rémy-Christophe is currently working at Octo Technology as a senior consultant.

He began his career in web development with a focus on quality and testing.

He subsequently developed an expertise in agile methodologies, Lean and Kanban which he had set up for different clients.

His curiosity for the problems of product development from market study to commercialization was what brought him to study Lean Startup, Product development and Customer Development.

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