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Building a culture of DevOps from the ground up


As a young company, it's fairly easy to stay flexible and adapt quickly. However, as your company grows you become more rigid and it becomes more difficult to change processes and the overall team culture. In our session we'd like to discuss how to build a culture around the alignment of developers, operations, and the executive team. We'll cover the tools, strategy, and philosophy that has proven to enable cultural change in our respective companies. Attendees of this session will leave knowing the specific tools which foster collaboration and a blueprint to take with them to cultivate organizational change.


Dustin Whittle is a Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics where he focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Before joining AppDynamics, Dustin was CTO at Kwarter, a consultant at SensioLabs, and developer evangelist at Yahoo!. He has experience building and leading engineering teams and working with developers and partners to scale to meet demand. When Dustin isn't working he enjoys flying, sailing, diving, golfing, and travelling around the world.

Dustin Whittle

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