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The tricky part to implement a DevOps strategy is that there is no manual telling you exactly how to do it, and hence we have to experiment and continuously adapt the strategy until it suits your specific needs. This situation looks even worse on the Enterprise, where different departments need to collaborate, be aware and informed of whats going on. This presentation aims to show how to establish the strategy, identify key stakeholders, disseminate the culture and implement a continuous improvement process on the Enterprise, even better, we will give you a detailed view of how the DevOps strategy on one of the majors banks in Brazil evolved from Continuous Integration to a fully-fledged DevOps environment.

This presentation will talk about the challenges to adopt and implement DevOps on the traditional enterprise, the value to establish short release cycles on the DevOps adoption to adapt and learn on the enterprise, how to establish a continuous improvement scenario, the best practices that should be followed to make it happen, how to gain sponsorship and tips to get traction to make the rollout. Also, will be shown how to enable and enhance the communication and collaboration between everyone that participates on the build-deploy-release cycle, augment existing environments and how to identify opportunities, key participants and stakeholders. All of this presentation is based on a case reference and DevOps success implementation in one of the major banks in Brazil, so we will show something real, that is happening right now and is having a huge impact on how the bank is working on and deploying real world software with speed and quality.

Marcelo S. Ancelmo is currently a Senior IT Specialist with IBM, delivering to customers in Brazil tangible solutions with a specific focus on software architecture, middleware platforms, performance management and DevOps. In his twelve years of practical IT field experience, Marcelo has assisted, supported, mentored, and enabled teams with their IT application infrastructure, architecture, development, implementation, and operations challenges. A frequent conference speaker on software development, architecture and DevOps, with an active presence on the software community in Brazil and a Hackathon aficionado.

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