Belgium 2014 - proposals

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This page list the suggested topics/speakers, proposed talks and ignites we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. Why you can't buy DevOps in a box - Dustin Whittle
  2. Why open source is to free software what automation is to devops - Jonathan Clarke
  3. The elephant in the room - how do I actually attract, build and retain my DevOps team? - Tony Chapman
  4. The Self-Steering Organization: From Cybernetics to DevOps and Beyond - Jeff Sussna
  5. The Death of Devops: A Premortem - Dave Zwieback
  6. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Empathy: You're a DevOps Natural - Dave Mangot
  7. Tackling Performance, Debugging and Development in Agile Production Environments - Theo Schlossnagle
  8. Simple Solutions Should be your Strategy - Jan-Joost Bouwman & Robin Teurlings
  9. Security, Logs and the ELK Stack - Kurt Hurtado
  10. SDN, not just for big greenfield networks - Frank Louwers
  11. Running a fully self-organizing/self-managing team (or company) - Dave Zwieback
  12. Repository as an deployment artifact - Inny So
  13. Quantifying the value of DevOps - Dustin Whittle
  14. Perfect is the enemy of good - Michael Brunton-Spall
  15. NetDevOps: No Compromises - John Deatherage
  16. Mesos: Your datacenter as one computer - Nils De Moor
  17. Let's get serious about culture - Kevin Behr
  18. Keeping your team in shape and minimize silos as your team grows - Bastian Widmer
  19. Innovating at speed with Devops - Eric Cattoir
  20. In tests we trust - Seb Rose
  21. ITIL and DevOps, straight from the horse's mouth - Karu Kaimar
  22. IT Operations - Delivering successful transformation in a DevOps World - Volker Will
  23. Governing the commons of DevOps - Sandy Flath
  24. From Strategy to Deployment... and everything in between - Marcelo Ancelmo
  25. Faster Releases - Automated Tests Are Your First Line Of Defense - Emanuil Slavov
  26. Engineering Ethos - Khushil Dep
  27. Docker in Production: Successes and Pitfalls - Aaron Huslage
  28. Devops patterns using the Pattern Language - Daniel Cukier
  29. [email protected] - Lessons from the Trenches - Marcelo Ancelmo
  30. DevOps: A local optimization - Andrew Clay Shafer
  31. DevOps, The Next Five Years - Chris Jackson
  32. DevOps – the next phase for new adopters - Heather Mickman
  33. DevOps and the Database - Is this a Tale of the Forgotten Service? - Chip Childers
  34. DevOps - Practices, Techniques and Tools for Continuous Delivery - Marcelo Ancelmo
  35. Configuration Management in a Distributed World - David Lutterkort
  36. Cognitive Biases in Tech: Awareness of our own bugs in decision making - Nigel Kersten
  37. ChatOps: Practices, Patterns, and Antipatterns - Eric Sigler
  38. ChatOps: A trojan horse to sneak DevOps ideas into other parts of your organization - Eric Sigler
  39. Ceci n'est pas #devops - Bridget Kromhout
  40. Building Top-Down Support for DevOps - Andi Mann
  41. Automation with Humans in Mind: Making Complex Systems Predictable, Reliable and Humane - Brian Troutwine
  42. Automating OpenStack In The Microsoft World - Don Schenk
  43. 5 years of metrics and monitoring - Lindsay Holmwood
  44. "DevOps" in a Post-DevOps World - J. Paul Reed

Ignite Talks

  1. The ultimate DevOps test - Marta Paciorkowska
  2. The Art of Cooking – Grandma’s DevOps practices – or how to compete with her in your environment - Sandy Flath
  3. Repository as an deployment artifact - Inny So
  4. Introducing ncf: an intuitive and powerful configuration language - Jonathan Clarke
  5. Devops Weekly, the first 200 issues - Gareth Rushgrove
  6. Are you passionate? - Seb Rose

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