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ITIL and DevOps, straight from the horse's mouth

It has been 9 months since we became the custodians of ITIL. During this time, we have listened, asked, and listened further. We have heard of many 'ITIL implementation' horror stories – as have you, no doubt. We have also heard of many organisations, globally, that have benefitted from the best practice guidance over the 25 years of its existence. Where’s the catch? We have also heard of many things claimed to soon replace ITIL. How can you replace common sense?

We will share what we have learned over these months, and discuss the following:

  • How does DevOps relate to ITIL, and vice versa
  • A session on folklore: 'Implementing' ITIL and other famous fairy tales
  • What does ITIL really say, and what does it mean (for the horned and the hornless)
  • How to avoid the unnecessary pain of processes (and the CAB)
  • The challenges for 'ITIL shops' when considering DevOps, and how to overcome these
  • What is Enterprise DevOps? What is small-scale ITIL?
  • How 'unicorns' are using ITIL (with examples)
  • What the future holds for ITIL, and your role in this

Kaimar is the Head of ITSM at AXELOS – the custodians of Global Best Practice, including ITIL and PRINCE2 – leading the development of ITIL, with a focus on providing value for both organizations and professionals, and showing how combining ITIL, DevOps and other frameworks and philosophies can deliver an even stronger service management.

Kaimar is an experienced IT Service Management practitioner who has a career background in IT support, software development and project management. He has a passion for education and taught in schools and universities before becoming a professional trainer, delivering courses for professionals in both the private and the public sector across Europe. In 2013 Kaimar was elected as President of itSMF Estonia after serving as a board member for five consecutive years. He’s now based in London but rarely seen there, as he’s on the road most of the time, working with practitioners around the world to make sure ITIL remains relevant and valuable.

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