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ein security bitte?


So you've bought yourselves a top of the line devops appliance. Everything is great. But, from what you've heard from Twitter, the next thing you need is a security. My talk is about the next steps. To get from zero to well at least better than most of the industry.

Security from the application side, the CI/CD side, and the network/infrastructure end. Topics such as

  • making builds more trustworthy.
  • IDS that isn't a complete waste of €100,000.
  • detect XSS with this one weird trick.
  • the one firewall per child project.

They'll be humour, cat GIFs and some cool technical ideas.


Ben Hughes is not a CTO, is not an award winning thought leader, nor an accomplished playwright. He is however a senior security engineer at Etsy. Before that he was doing operations at Puppet Labs. He's also pretended to a build engineer for cold hard cash, but he'd really rather not talk about it. He's spoken at conferences throughout the world on subjects such as security, devops, and security and devops.

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