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Check In, Check Out - Rapid change Infrastructure leaving no-one out in the cold at


Over half a million accommodation properties worldwide rely on infrastructure to facilitate guest stays. Yet the challenges of scalability and reliability have not hindered the rapid pace of development and change of Booking's massive web and mobile presence.

In this talk, I will present the underlying infrastructure technologies that have enabled hundreds of measurable and monitorable live traffic impacting changes to be made on a daily basis. Alongside this will be presented some of the technical innovations that have enabled scaling for year-on-year growth every year for the last decade.

I will also cover how focusing relentlessly on the customer has helped to bring development and operations together behind a common goal. Finally, I will touch on how company culture permeates right through to how we develop and deploy software as well as how we interact on a day to day basis.


Daniel Parry has spent many years driving DevOps integration forward, firstly at the University of Cambridge, working on projects that received national news coverage and then at the UK's leading provider of online self service knowledge solutions. He now works as a sysadmin at Planet Earth's #1 accommodation site, striving to make DevOps work in a hugely challenging and stimulating environment.

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