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The 15 Minute Incident Workout

abstract Incidents in software operations cannot be prevented. This is why we put responsiveness over prevention. In an ideal world we would all use tools like the Netflix Simian Army that puts your operations in a constant failure situation, which keeps everybody in perfect shape for incidents. In a less ideal world it is not easily possible to take down random parts of the production infrastructure just to test the incident readiness. But it is possible to get many of the benefits by a much simpler approach. Just by coming together and discussing certain situations following a specific set of questions. I call this the 15 minute incident workout. It doesn’t get you to a world championship but it will keep you fit for daily business.


Jörg is a developer, devops and manager at Hypoport AG in Berlin. He is working on EUROPACE an internet-based finance marketplace. For more than 15 years he has been working in different roles in IT consulting and software development. He is always interested in all kinds of new approaches to software development and operations. He likes to share his ideas and opinions at conferences and user groups.

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