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Datacenters and unreliable network conditions


Sometimes the network infrastructures are not one of the common environments you are used to work with. Think of swimming data centers, far away from the shore serving a high demand of modern web applications to be used by passengers. How do you maintain and operate an application stack like this if remote access can break every minute and deployments become a nightmare? How does a datacenter with an unreliable network connection works with cloud services? What are the challenges from the DevOps perspective? Join us to learn how we use Docker, Chef, AWS and friends in such a challenging business case.


Joern has been developing, debugging and designing software for more than ten years. At kreuzwerker he is responsible for architecture, new technologies and concepts. A computer science graduate, his professional interest is in the use of functional programming languages and the architecture of distributed applications. In his diverse projects he has gained solid experience with operating systems (primarily Linux and Mac OS) and has created various databases from different paradigms. He masters C, Ruby, Java, Erlang and a little JVM LISP. He is thus as much at home in infrastructure and service clouds (preferably AWS) as on the command line.

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