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The myth of the full stack developer strikes back


In this talk we want to debunk the common misunderstanding that DevOps is "killing the developer" or requires you to recruit "full-stack" people. Our thesis is that the requirement to succeed with a DevOps culture is not to have/recruit people with a super-broad skillset. Instead, we discuss the analogy of "T-shaped people" - people with a very specialized skillset but broad collaboration capabilities with experts in other fields.


Marcel Wolf, Maximilien Riehl

Marcel is an agile and DevOps enthusiast and has been working in the IT for several years, assuming different roles. He started as a Network System Administrator, then he changed the company to become Application Manager at ImmobilienScout24. There, he consulted the software development teams and was responsible for datacenter automation. Afterwards he switched teams and became Software Developer. At the moment, he is one of the developers behind the YADT project, an open source datacenter automation tool.

Maximilien is a system developer at ImmobilienScout24, writing (mostly) python code for a living. He works on YADT which is a huge part of their data center automation at work, and on PyBuilder in his spare time.

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