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Better sorry than safe


The larger your company is, the slower and tougher it it will get to crawl along the chains of command. You'll spend your days discovering long-lost parts of your infrastructure and deciding wether you'll end up maintaining this particular component by yourself or by being given the runaround and ending up mainting the component anyways. If you think large and enterprisey environments are the death to corporate punk rock: think again.

This talk won't be about mindsets, fences or silos. We won't be searching for solutions but instead try to explore this topic tongue in cheek – so don't bring anything to write, but be prepared to share your own story.


Bascht is a freelance infrastructure developer, rubyist, python sympathiser, and redditor based in cologne. His weapons of choice include Puppet, Ansible, Packer and Consul and he's pretty quick with animated GIFs as well. At his shared office in cologne he is responsible for keeping the 25 % blocking minority for non-apple-devices.

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