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Unit Testing for DevOps


With more and more developer best practices moving into operations, the best practice of unit testing has not been explored to it's full potential in operations.

After making changes to the operational setup of a site, by changing configurations or adding new systems, it is unclear if the system still works in the way it is designed.

Having a suite of unit tests can clearly determine if the system is working, e.g. the search microservice, web login or writing to a database.

In a critical situation the unit test suite also helps - just as with a bug in programming - to determine the root cause faster.

The talk gives an introduction to the concept of unit testing live setups and gives some examples how to write and use such unit tests.


Stephan has been programming since over 30 years. He filled several development roles e.g. managing development of the pricing engine at ImmobilienScout24. With his last role as CTO of brands4friends / eBay Inc. he got deeply into site operations, though he is new to the DevOps scene.

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