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Groovy DevOps in the Cloud

The presentation focuses on open-source Groovy/Java libraries that we have developed in order to solve our daily DevOps problems including SSH connectivity, cloud instance management, OS image management and integration testing of Puppet modules with the help of Groovy and Junit. In the beginning of the talk, attendees are introduced to DevOps principles and problems it is trying to solve. After that we dive into the journey we had to take and tools we've created to help us reuse JVM knowledge we already had in the team as well as integrate operations team into DevOps initiatives and move closer to complete infrastructure-as-code dream.

This presentation was already given at Java Day Riga (2013), DevOpsDays Ljubljana (2014), DevConfu Jurmala (2014), Devoxx UK (2014).

Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. Andrey's love is JVM ecosystem. In recent years, he tries to apply JVM goodness and Puppet ecosystem to DevOps initiatives his company is implementing for several clients. He is one of the authors of Groovy 2 Cookbook as well as frequent speaker at local communities and conferences.

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