New York 2014 - sponsor

Platinum sponsors

We greatly value sponsors for this open event, however, this event is a bit different from other conferences and other devopsdays in that it's all open spaces.

We have 6 sponsor spots available at $1000 each. Sponsors get 5 tickets to the event, and their logo on this website. The organizers (and the community) will thank sponsors during the event and on twitter. Most importantly, sponsors will be able to participate in the lively discussions that will be happening during the open spaces. You can propose a topic for an open space, however, please refrain from product pitches or demos. There will also be a "swag table", shared by all sponsors, where you'll be able to leave any promotional materials (e.g., t-shirts). There will be no booths or sponsor tables or signs of any kind.

If you are interested in sponsoring drop us an email.

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