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How is ChatOps Formed?


Chatops, as defined by Webster's New World Dictionary, is doing your DevOps through chat. In this talk, you will learn the 2 Ws of Chatops: Why and How.

Why Chatops?

  • It centralizes information in useful ways
  • It democratizes DevOps, giving anyone the power and confidence to do your job for you
  • It's way more fun than the terminal

How Chatops?

  • Use OSS Hubot and hubot-scripts (Thanks Github!)
  • Write your own plugins for company-specific commands and metrics
  • Start with the one thing that people bug you the most to do
  • Then listen to your users, they'll tell you ("Wouldn't it be cool if the bot did X?")
  • Refine the interactions to have a high signal-to-noise ratio

Speaker: Carol Nichols Hammer of Justice, Think Through Learning

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