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Docker offshore - packaging applications for hard to reach datacenter


What if your cooperate network infrastructure consists out of topological islands which aren’t connected permanently to the internet? How do you handle data synchronization among data centers if bandwidth is changing all the time? How do you deploy your applications in such an environment and how do you manage application monitoring? Is it possible to use cloud services, SaaS, IaaS and so on in such a setup and how to manage it? What is necessary to handle video data, images and other documents and keep everything in sync.

Join us to learn how we use Docker, Chef, AWS and friends in such an unusual business case.


Joern has been developing, debugging and designing software for more than ten years. At kreuzwerker he is responsible for architecture, new technologies and concepts. A computer science graduate, his professional interest is in the use of functional programming languages and the architecture of distributed applications. In his diverse projects he has gained solid experience with operating systems (primarily Linux and Mac OS) and has created various databases from different paradigms. He masters C, Ruby, Java, Erlang and a little JVM LISP. He is thus as much at home in infrastructure and service clouds (preferably AWS) as on the command line.

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