Warsaw 2014 - Proposals

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This page list the suggested topics and/or speakers, proposed talks and ignites we have received.

Note: Some talks will most likely provide an opportunity for further discussion in form of an Open Spaces style collaboration for people to talk about various ideas or whatever they want.

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Conference Talks

  1. IBM BlueMix Introduction - Bartosz Chrabski
  2. Hitchhiker's guide to cloud computing - Piotr Baranowski
  3. Git, Gerrit, Jenkins - Free & Open Source Development Platform - Piotr Szwed
  4. From zero to hero - easy log centralization with Logstash and Elasticsearch - Rafal Kuc
  5. Changing the Behavior of IT - Michael Ducy
  6. Building Deployment Automation Platforms for Continuous Delivery - Jan Svoboda
  7. A typical sysadmin day with ralph - Daniel Pijanowski

Ignite Talks

  1. Soviet military hardware primer for DevOps - Grzegorz Nosek
  2. Self-aware monitoring - Grzegorz Nosek
  3. Scaling out your storage, one brick at a time - Luca Gibelli
  4. Remove the guesswork from diagnostics with sysdig - Grzegorz Nosek
  5. Improving developer experience in interaction with CI systems - Pavel Stepanov
  6. ITSM in Agile times - Bartosz Górczyński
  7. IBM BlueMix Introduction - Bartosz Chrabski
  8. How to build a petabyte-scale data infrastructure - Zoltán Tóth and Julianna Göbölös-Szabó
  9. Docker offshore - packaging applications for hard to reach datacenter - Joern Barthel
  10. DevOps: JFDI - Grzegorz Nosek
  11. DevOps in UK Government - Gareth Workman
  12. DevOps at Home: making it working - Roman Pavlyuk
  13. DevOps Knowledge Base - Piotr Szwed
  14. Cloud Foundry: How it’s cooked - Alex Lomau
  15. Cheffing a department, one Dev at a time - Andrzej Grzesik
  16. Branch Management: Continuous Integration at Almost No Cost - Matt Harasymczuk
  17. Agile Software Development - Matt Harasymczuk
  18. A typical sysadmin day with ralph - Daniel Pijanowski

Open Sessions

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