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Scaling out your storage, one brick at a time


One of the scariest sounds for DevOps all around the world is the beep of a pager coming from their SAN.

Dead drives, degraded RAID, out of space conditions are the recurring nightmares that keep DevOps awake at night.

But not anymore! Software-defined storage solutions bring peace of mind to our world by providing an extremely flexible and reliable way to store our data.

DevOps can hot add and remove the nodes of a storage cluster on demand and achieve any level of capacity, redundancy and performance they may need.

At the same time, the budget required to deploy such a cluster is lower than the typical SANs, because it can run on commodity hardware.

This ignite talk will illustrate the advanges of software-defined storage over traditional SANs and show how DevOps can leverage common system automation tools to provision a storage cluster based on Skylable SX.

After attending this talk, DevOps will be able to deploy, extend and shrink a storage cluster which spans over multiple servers, with just a few keystrokes!


Luca Gibelli, founder of Skylable. Open-Source advocate, ClamAV founder and developer for 10 years, started Skylable because he believes that relying on BigCo's and government to respect your privacy is like having a peeping-tom install your window blinds. Since 2012, he has been working no-stop to build a scalable open-source solution to safely store massive amounts of data in private clouds.

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