Amsterdam 2015 - Proposals

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This page lists the proposals we have received. Help the presenters with your feedback!

Conference Talks

  1. microservices: I don't always test, but when I do I do it in production - Tim Nolet
  2. Why Can't I Nail that "DevOps" Interview? - Nir Cohen
  3. What Happens Without Traction? - Steve Pereira
  4. What Can Delivery Truck Do For You - Mandi Walls
  5. Using Docker/Software Containers for automated testing - Pini Reznik
  6. Understanding Orchestration in DevOps - Anirban Saha
  7. Top Quality Metrics that allow you to Deploy Faster without Failing Fasterps" - Andreas Grabner
  8. The future of testing how testers improves their activities with DevOps - Ernesto Antonio Torreblanca Lopez
  9. The elephant in the room - how do I actually attract, build and retain my DevOps team? - Tony Chapman
  10. The donkeys are coming! - Michael Coté
  11. The Golden Pipeline - Steve Pereira
  12. Test Optimization: What's changed? - Mike Fulton
  13. State of DevOps @ ING: does DevOps make your team more sucessful? - Jan-Joost Bouwman
  14. Starting small with Devops and making it work - Dušan Đorđević
  15. Show me the Metrics: OpenTSDB and OpenTSP at Betfair - James Brooks
  16. Scaling Continuous Delivery to a next level at the enterprise. - Mark Heistek and Taco Bakker
  17. SAFER! - Jarl Meijer
  18. Resilience: CircuitBreakers, Back Pressure, QoS and Adaptive Control - William Louth
  19. Reinventing the modern Enterprise, starting with ourselves! - Jon Tilt
  20. Puppet on Windows at scale: KPN - Walter Heck
  21. Predict the success of your upcoming releases with DevOps Analytics - Jarl Meijer
  22. Predict the success of your upcoming releases with DevOps Analytics - Bert van der Zee and Roger Wouterse
  23. Mayfly, Dockerize your user stories - Patrick van Dissel
  24. Look at the man in the mirror – The smart way for change management in personality - Sabine Bernecker-Bendixen
  25. It is not called Continuous Integration for Nothing! - Dan Boutin
  26. How to handle incidents, downtime and outages - David Mytton
  27. Functional and System Verification testing – The DevOps Way! - Trishal Choudhari
  28. Frustrated? It's probably your fault - Jeffrey Fredrick
  29. Fear of Failing Fast: How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Success - Leslie Hawthorn
  30. Empower your Support - Dominik Bamberger
  31. Developing Android apps like Navy Seals - Željko Plesac
  32. Develop Operation, Operate Development: A journey towards service delivery at large scale - Behrooz Nobakht
  33. DevOps is not what it seems - Niels Loader
  34. DevOps in Action - Esha Seth
  35. DevOps from an investor's perspective - Michael Coté
  36. Data Science: The Solution to #monitoringsucks - Patrick Roelke
  37. Data Quality achieved by culture - Julianna Göbölös-Szabó
  38. Create chaos and gain confidence! - Thinking outside of the box - Francisco Medrano
  39. Continuous Delivery, DevOps and the end of DTAP - Harm Pauw
  40. Continuous Delivery isn't Finished - Miel Donkers & Hylke Stapersma
  41. Continuous Delivery evolution - Diego Garber
  42. Container mechanics on Linux - Alban Crequy
  43. Chef Patterns For Speed and Reusability - Gregory Damiani
  44. Bringing DevOps to a Hardware Test Environment - Thomas Adams
  45. Bimodal IT through Lean Application Delivery - Eddy Pauwels
  46. Autonomy at is like putting a Man on the Moon: a small step for a team, a giant leap for the company - Frederieke Ubels
  47. Agile has no brain, that’s why you need continuous service discovery - Tom Heisterkamp
  48. A re-imagining of the term; 'full-stack developer' - Mark Robert Coleman
  49. A Benefits – Driven approach to practically identify a DevOps “point of launch” in Enterprise. - Tarek Negm
  50. (to be announced) - Michael Coté


  1. Retrospective - Ciarán Ó Néill
  2. PowerShell, Desired State Configuration, OneGet and JustEnoughAdmin - Jeff Wouters
  3. How to convince your boss that it is DevOps that he wants - Henrich Grönloh and Jan de Vries
  4. Continuous delivery as code - Hylke Stapersma
  5. Continuous Delivery with Docker and Mesos - Pini Reznik
  6. Behave yourself! - Mark Smalley

Ignite Talks

  1. Why immutable infrastructure? - Pavel Chunyayev
  2. Time Series [email protected] - David Webster
  3. The men who stare at Goats - Kris Buytaert
  4. Security: storage and retrieval of Application Container Images - Alban Crequy
  5. Fake IT until you make IT - Bas Meijer
  6. Don't do devops without a solid Config Management - Gopal Ramachandran
  7. DevOps step in Systems Evolution– breaking Demand – Supply relationship - Sanny Bradic
  8. DevOps is not enough / DevOps leads to Disruptive Innovation? - Wouter Geurts
  9. DevOps and The Doppelganger - Stathy G Touloumis
  10. DevOps - show me the money! - Jan-Joost Bouwman
  11. Debugging in a containerized world - Alban Crequy
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