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Puppet On Windows & Linux In The Cloud - A Story Of Triumph Over Adversity


Using Puppet and AWS to automate your infrastructure is all well and good for a Linux shop, but what about a Windows shop? Now throw in the complexity of supporting the infrastructure for one of Australia’s busiest websites, and also relocation of a physical data centre into the cloud, and you have yourself a challenge!

Mi9 runs along with multiple other websites, and over the last few months has been slowly moving away from physical hosting to move our websites into the cloud. We have now decided to move much of our existing Windows-based services over to AWS as well, while at the same time embracing automation, Puppet and Linux. This experience report will talk about how well Puppet works in a mixed Windows & Puppet world, how to make PuppetMaster and CI play nicely together, managing OS-level access and why System Center Configuration Manager many not be the answer to all your prayers.

Speaker: Sebastian Cole (Mi9), Sam Newman (ThoughtWorks)

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