India 2013 - program

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Day 1 Presentations
  • Keynote - Communities Sidu Ponappa, CEO, C42 Engineering
    [No Slides Yet] @Youtube
  • Attaining Resiliency : Culture, Tools and Practices Ranjib Dey, PagerDuty
    [Slides] @Youtube
  • Configuration management gets built into Windows Operating System, Ravikanth Chaganti, Dell
    [Slides] @Youtube
  • 4 months to 1 day sans buzzwords Anandha Krishnan, Pavan KS
    [Slides] @Youtube
  • Importance of Centralized Event-or-Msg collection and NoSQL-or-BigData platform for Analysis Piyush Kumar
    [Slides] @Youtube

Day 2 Presentations
  • The Three C's of DevOps Nathen Harvey, Opscode
    [Slides] @Youtube
  • The Mayonnaise Jar and a Cup of Coffee Pratima Singh, ThoughtWorks
    [No Slides Yet] @Youtube
  • From Dev-Box to Production - The Un-Orthodox Ways - A Short Story Vivek Dubey and Vipul A M,
    [Slides] @Youtube
  • Environments - Go Green Sharath and Madhurranjan Mohan
    [No Slides Yet] @Youtube
  • 00 09 16 11 6 When crons are not good enough - we need workflow schedulers Konark Modi, MakeMyTrip
    [Slides] @Youtube
  • 10 Deployments a day - A brief on extreme release protocols Vivek Parihar, Webonise Lab
    [Slides] @Youtube

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Prologue and Interlude: @Youtube

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