Ljubljana 2014 - welcome

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4 - 5th April 2014

The first DevopsDays in Ljubljana has been a great event. We will see you all next year!

Below you can watch the presentations from the two days. Once we've processed the footage, we will publish the processed videos.

We would like to thank V ŽIVO who have done a tremendous job helping us record in history this first event.

Day 1


  • Andrew Clay Shafer - What Devops means to me
  • Tomaz Zaman - Continuous deployment of single page applications
  • Jose Roca - Scaling a moving target: Making your CI scale and test your CI infrastructure
  • Jure Koren - Next Generation File Systems
  • Avishai Ish-Shalom - WebOps' disaster survival guide

Day 2


  • Marko Čelan - Monitoring ecosystem at Zemanta
  • Karoly Kamaras - Continuous delivery for desktop applications - Release from the pub
  • Andrey Adamovich - Groovy DevOps in the Cloud
  • Alon Becker - Anatomy of a Deployment Pipeline in a Hybrid (Windows/Linux) Environment
  • Diego Garber - Continuous Delivery in One year project


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