Ljubljana 2014 - proposals

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Submit an ignite talk!

Call for proposals has now ended and we are working to get the program together.

You can still submit an ignite talk, a 5 minute presentation, so go ahead, show us that cool thing you just found out about!

An Ignite talk will be presented during the Ignite sessions: these are 5 minutes slots with slides changing every 15 seconds (20 slides total) also presented to all attendees in one room<

Some suggestions to get you thinking:

  • What is the role of QA/Tester in devops, how do we integrate QA in the continuous delivery process
  • The impact devops has on traditional security/auditing/change control
  • How does devops co-exist with ITIL, Cobit
  • How about release management ?
  • What about configuration management and delivery in Mixed Unix AND Windows environments
  • Building dashboards because #monitoringsucks
  • The impact of devops on HR policies, and the hiring process
  • Help prove that devops can scale beyond the 5-8 person web startups, we love traditional IT enterprise cases
  • With all the automation, data is still a hard thing to handle, how does it affect, DBA's, backup strategies, ...
  • How to involve the business in devops
  • How to get YOUR boss involved, how do you make the business case
  • And of course any other topic in the realm of Devops
  • Beyond Configuration Management, about challenges like orchestration, or doing things at large scale

How to make a proposal: Send an email to [[email protected] ] with the following information

  1. Proposal working title (can be changed later)
  2. Type (ignite)
  3. Description or abstract
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